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Curator Tours

Curator tours are led by SBMA's own curators and are planned for their Curatorial Support Groups.  To join a Curatorial Support Group, contact (805) 884-6425 or

SBMA's Curatorial Support Groups offer Museum Members a variety of additional opportunities to explore, support, and share thoughts and opinions with other like-minded patrons regarding collections, exhibitions, and visual arts.  These groups provide important support to specific areas of the collection for acquisitions, exhibitions, and curatorial activities.  Members gain access to the Museum's curators through conversations with artists and scholars, gallery tours, visits to galleries and collectors' homes, and customized travel opportunities.  An active SBMA Museum membership is a prerequisite for joining any of the Curatorial Support Groups.  Supporting Membership is $5,000 and Sustaining Membership is $2,000 for each group.  There are four Curatorial Support Groups:  Dead Artists Society, Friends of Asian Art, PhotoFutures, and The Museum Contemporaries.  


Inside New Orleans
March 23-28, 2015




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